Sunday, November 18, 2007

Girl Power!

In another "stealing" from Grand Old Partisan;

  • Susan B. Anthony, Republican

  • Susan_b_anthony_and_elizabeth_cady_On this day in 1872, Susan B. Anthony was arrested for casting a ballot in the election two weeks before. In a letter to another famed suffragist, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Anthony boasted of having voted for "the Republican ticket -- straight."
  • Starting with the 1860 election, both Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton campaigned for Republican candidates. [source]

I am no feminist, but I have to say to the girls out there, would you be willing to go to get arrested in order to vote your beliefs? Actually, I would like to pose that question to both men and women.
This post, combined with what I heard on FOX News the past couple days has got me thinking. A few days ago I heard that 80% of Americans would be willing to give up there right to ever vote again for a million dollars. Now there is a lot I could do with a million dollars. As tempting as it sounds I would not do this. My freedom cannot be bought. I am rather sickened by the fact that there are people living in third world or developing countries that are being smothered under the thumb of some evil dictator. These people would give every thing they owned, just for one time to vote and let their voices be heard. But here in America, we are so commercialistic that we are willing to sell our freedoms.
Even worse, I heard yesterday on FOX that college kids would be willing to give up their right to vote for an...ipod. A freakin IPOD! Folks, these kids are the future of our cities, states and country. Just think if these same kids become politicians what they would do with your tax dollars? We are in trouble. They would be whores to the lobbyists.
Now here in Michigan we had a chance to have an open primary. Alas, that will not happen unless the state legislature and governor does something now. Probably not too many people in our state really even knew about it, or cared about it. Well this is something you should be paying attention to. I don't care who is Democrat or Republican, I just wanted to see millions of Michiganders have the opportunity to vote. People need to pay attention more to what is really going on, not what or who Britney's doing.

Na Shledanou!


Larry said...

I do not understand how the citizens of Michigan can be deprived of their right to help choose who our next President will be. It doesn't sound legal and it most certainly is not right. How is your state fighting this?

Michigan Redneck said...

It is a bit complicated, but it is politics within politics.
To summarize, the parties would have been the only ones to have access to voting records, as in who registered as Republican and who registered as Democrat. There were some people who said this was unconstitional. So a court in Ingham County ruled it illegal. Our state's AG appealed it in the appeals court, appeals court ruled in favor of the lower court. Now all that can be done is for the state legislature to change the rules or the AG send the case to the State Supreme Court.
Unfortunately, a Republican Convention would not be good for Huckabee. The mucky-mucks will get sentimental over the "son of George Romney." If it goes to convention I hope like crazy that Mike Huckabee will do everything to win over conv. delegates. I can tell ya this is one delegate who ain't no mucky-muck and I will vote for Huckabee, regardless of how it is done.