Sunday, December 16, 2007

Versatile Huckabee

Here is an article about Mike Huckabee campaigning in New Hampshire. The article is about even though Mike Huckabee is a Christian conservative, he is also showing his more versatile side. Some highlights;

  • Republican Mike Huckabee seeks to broaden his appeal

  • GOP leader in Iowa is trying to win over N.H. and nation

  • |Tribune national correspondent
  • BOSCAWEN, N.H. - In Iowa, where he's leading the Republican field, Mike Huckabee bills himself as a "Christian leader." But here in New England, where voters are more taciturn about their religious beliefs, Huckabee is a "committed conservative," according to his television ads.
  • He's also trying to expand his campaign, which is suddenly under pressure from all the attention, to a more national operation. Friday, Huckabee announced that veteran Republican strategist Ed Rollins would take over as national chairman of his campaign in an attempt to do just that.
  • "Live free or die -- I get the picture here," Huckabee on Friday told employees on the plant floor at Elektrisola, a manufacturer of magnetic wire, echoing the New Hampshire motto.
  • To those workers he sounded a populist appeal -- decrying jobs sent overseas, lambasting the federal tax system that eats up their paychecks, and underscoring his roots coming from a family of modest means. "It's not OK if you guys are invisible to the people who get elected to office," Huckabee said.
  • Huckabee said he's not trying to obscure his faith or his social conservatism as he campaigns in a state where Republicans tend to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal.
  • "I've never downplayed or up-played it. More people have asked me questions about it than perhaps any other person running," he said at a news conference packed with a newly attentive media contingent. "What I'm playing up is the fact that I've got more executive experience actually running a government as a governor. That's what's important. People shouldn't vote for me or against me because of my faith."
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