Monday, December 10, 2007

Rotate regional presidential primary

From the Kalamazoo gazette is an article regarding Saul Anuzis' and Debbie Dingell's plan for future Presidential Primaries.

  • Sometimes, when people from opposing political parties put their heads together, sanity happens.
Oh so true!
  • Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis and prominent Democrat Debbie Dingell -- apparently as dismayed as the rest of us that Michigan's presidential primaries are utterly fouled up -- have come up with a plan to hold six regional presidential primaries, starting in 2012.
  • The two say a lottery would take away the incentive for states unhappy with their standing to jump to the head of the line -- as Michigan and Florida attempted this year.
  • But we'd be concerned that a state relegated by lottery to the back of the pack for too many elections running would eventually take matters into its own hands.
I am going to have to agree with the writer of this article on the lottery issue. I would say that the first time around should be done by lottery. It would probably be the most fair and it wouldn't look like anyone was being favored. After the 2012 lottery has been done, work from there and repeat every four years. Example could be this; according to Download dingellanuzis_modified_plan.doc there would be six regions. Say for example in the "2012 primary lottery" it went in order of Region 5,4,6,2,1,3. That's how it would be for every other primary, no lottery in 2016 nor afterwards. This is no one's thought except mine, so don't take it too serious. What do I know? OK, another thought. Do the lottery in 2012, but put the region that includes Iowa last. Then the region that includes New Hampshire second to last, the region that includes South Carolina third. The other three regions would participate in the 2012 lottery. In 2016 it would be the last lottery and all the regions would be included.
  • It certainly can't get much more messed up than it is this year.
  • Their first-in-the-nation status has given uncommon political influence to white, small-town America in election after election at a time when America is getting more racially and religiously diverse.
  • This year, a number of states decided to ignore national party rules and scheduled primaries or caucuses before Iowa's and New Hampshire's dates.
  • The response? Not only did Iowa and New Hampshire move their election dates even earlier, but the national parties ordered sanctions. For Michigan, where lawmakers and the governor agreed to move the date up to Jan. 15, that means the Democratic National Committee will refuse to seat any delegates from this state. Michigan Republicans expect to lose about half of their delegates to the Republican National Convention.
Read the article here.
Read all the comprehensive plan devised by Anuzis and Dingell, here. Be sure to check out the docus and maps that detail their plans.
From the post in "That's Saul, Folks."
  • LANSING -- Michigan Democratic National Committeewoman Debbie Dingell and Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saulius “Saul” Anuzis today proposed a bi-partisan presidential primary selection plan that would solve the problems surrounding the current method used by each party to select presidential nominees...
  • See the attached link for the plans specifics.
Click the above link to read the full article.

God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

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