Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fred Thomson is a Man with a Plan

  • Thompson Says Campaign Is 'Where It Needs To Be' Before Caucus
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  • Despite sitting a distant third in the latest GOP presidential poll, in Iowa, republican Fred Thompson says his campaign is "where it needs to be" with less than two weeks to the first-in-the-nation caucus.
  • Friday morning, Thompson spoke to about 60 people at the Daily Grind, in downtown Sioux City. It's the 16-th stop on bus tour of more than 50 Iowa cities leading up to the caucus.
  • When picking a president, Thompson says the decision comes down to two things... "the man, and the plan." Thompson claims "clear, conservative" positions on issues like immigration... where he backs the border fence, and penalties for businesses that knowingly hire illegals.
  • But, Thompson says "job one" for the next president won't be about simply securing our borders... rather securing our nation. "We live in more dangerous times than ever before," Thompson said. "We have a more diversified set of enemies than ever before. And, they're trying to get their hands on the most dangerous weapons known to man to use on us." [more here]


SR said...

Finally, a candidate who understands the threats to America and the importance of eliminating illegal immigration and amnesty.

Larry said...

Oh, dear. Did you get caught up in the flying feces?

Larry Perrault

Michigan Redneck said...


I would more or less say that I saw it all starting to fly to the fan and got out of the way, before I did get caught in it all.

Larry said...

I'm sorry about that. But, if Thompson is eliminated first, you're more than welcome back.