Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mike Huckabee in Second Place, Nationally!

Check this out, from mike Huckabee's blog.

Rasmussen Reports has a new national Presidential Tracking Poll that has Governor Huckabee moving back into 2nd place.
Rudy Giuliani 24%

Mike Huckabee 15%

Fred Thompson 14%

John McCain 13%

Mitt Romney 10%

This is absolutely awesome! Look at where Mr. Moneybags placed. Yet still, Mike Huckabee is the "Rodney Dangerfield" in the race. He don't get no respect, when he should. I just saw some chick on FOX News saying that Huckabee won't make it, because of guess what? The money situation. I am so sick of hearing about the money situation. That is why I have not gone the same route as some of my fellow Huckabee bloggers of asking you to give money. Don't get me wrong, I would be glad to see ya make a contribution to Mike Huckabee's campaign. I just don't want to be pushy.
This should not be a money issue. It should be an American issue. But then again the campaigning is not going on in America. It is going on in New Hampshowa. I ask you, the American people, please use your brains, not the brains of New Hampshowites. Of course I want Mike Huckabee to win in Iowa and New Hampshire. But I also want him to win in Michigan, Florida, South Carolina and Nevada. And whatever those other states are. I want the people of the other states to vote for Huckabee, not because of where he placed in Iowa, but how well you know he will do as President.
The chick on FOX also also said that "he is running for the second spot." Give me a break. She also "forsees" a Giuliani/Huckabee ticket.
OK, I will hawk contributions to Mike Huckabee's campaign. Please use my widget to donate to Huckabee's campaign.

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apacallyps said...

The Christian right (and other fed up conservatives) are supporting Mike Huckabee, but the right’s pundits are not flocking to support him, and many of them are actually trying to derail him. Case in point:

Rush's Hit-Piece on Huckabee (stick with it, audio of Rush)

Something is very very very very wrong with this picture. Bottom line: The best candidate for the Republican nomination is Huckabee.