Wednesday, December 5, 2007

1. The Marcels - Merry Twist-Mas/2. The Drifters - White Christmas

One of the YouTube users I subscribe to has this terrific, high voltage, high energy Doo-wop Christmas video posted. I figure that now that Mike Huckabee is tied for first nationally, in the polls, most of y'all just want to jump up out of your chairs and do the twist. So I have added The Marcels'Merry Twist-Mas for tonites X-Mas vid. This video also comes with The Drifters' White Christmas. The Drifters version of this all time classic is my fave, bar none. I favor it even more than the Elvis version. I tried and tried to find an actual video of the Drifters singing the song, to no avail. If you don't know who the Drifters are, oh lo to you.

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