Thursday, December 13, 2007

Michigan Might be Getting Another Debate

There just may be another Republican Debate in Michigan. There was already a Republican Debate in Dearborn, Michigan on Oct. 9. I thought this was the best, most lively and energetic Republican Debate. But then again I could be biased, being from Michigan and all. This possible debate, if it happens would take place at the auto show in Detroit, Michigan. That would be freakin awesome. Here is some of the article in The Daily Press, of Escanaba, Michigan. If ya want to read the full article without dealing with my comments go directly here.

  • GOP leader proposes debate at auto show
  • WASHINGTON (AP) — Michigan Republicans are hoping to stage a presidential debate at the Detroit auto show two days before the Michigan primary featuring the top three GOP finishers from the New Hampshire primary and Iowa caucus.
  • Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis said Wednesday that he was proposing to hold the debate at Cobo Hall on Jan. 13, the first day of the media preview of the North American International Auto Show. The presidential primary is Jan. 15.
  • Anuzis said he has spoken to representatives for all the main candidates in the Republican field as well as potential television partners, but said no final decision has been reached.
  • He said the debate would help showcase Michigan’s auto industry and by limiting the participants to the top three candidates from the Iowa and New Hampshire contests, it would be the ‘‘first debate in the country that actually starts narrowing the field of who participates in the debate,’’ Anuzis said.
This all sounds good. Except I think it should be up to four or five. Considering the way the Republican race has been going. There are still Republicans, nationally and state, that are undecided. Some are still switching back and forth. To be honest, I am kinda bummed with Mr. Anuzis, someone who wants to see reform in this process. Yet, here it looks like possibly he is letting new Hampshowa dictating how Michiganders should think. Don't get me wrong, I like Mr. Anuzis, I just think this is too narrow within the field. But then again, I am just some chick sitting at my computer typing my thoughts and he is the State Party Chairman.
The timing is going to be interesting. Chippewa County will be hosting a Lincoln Day Dinner Brunch on the same day. If the debate does go through I wonder how the LDD would play through? That would be kinda interesting.
Click here to read the rest of the article. To read about the previous debate click on the Michigan Debate Tag below.

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