Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Hampshire's Union Leader Endorses John McCain

Here are some of the reasons the publication endorses John McCain.

  • Next year America will elect a war President who will have to be ready to take command of the United States armed forces and make life-or-death decisions starting on day one. With the war in Iraq having improved dramatically in the past six months, Americans seem to have forgotten this fundamentally important consideration.
  • Our next President should not be someone who needs on the job training when it comes to making military decisions. It should instead be someone intimate with military affairs who has a history of making sound decisions on matters of war and diplomacy. The only one who fits that description on either side of the aisle is Sen. John McCain.
  • Sen. McCain is much more than just a war hero who chose to endure years of abuse at the hands of a sadistic enemy rather than abandon his comrades. In his political career he has demonstrated real wisdom on foreign policy, and never more impressively than after Sept. 11, 2001.
  • Of all the candidates for President, it was John McCain and only John McCain who not only opposed Donald Rumsfeld's Iraq strategy from the start but offered a viable alternative for winning that ill-fated war. When the Democrats cried "Retreat!" and other Republicans shouted "Stay the course!" McCain listened to the commanders on the ground.
  • McCain is by far the most informed candidate on military and foreign affairs. In our interviews with nearly all of the presidential candidates, only McCain offered a comprehensive and detailed strategic vision for maintaining America's position as the world's lone superpower.
  • There is no greater issue in this election than keeping America safe from its enemies.
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