Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mike Huckabee in the News

Huckabee: Another Overachiever From Hope

WASHINGTON (AP) — Mike Huckabee's first day as Arkansas governor is remembered most for the Four Hour Crisis.[more here]

Comeback Kid: Huckabee Surges To Lead
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has vaulted from near the bottom to the head of the GOP pack in the latest poll for CNN. [more here]

Rollins: Huckabee Can Fill Reagan's Shoes

From Mike Huckabee's new national chairman

"Governor Huckabee has probably inspired me as much as Ronald Reagan did," Rollins said after being introduced by Huckabee at a press conference here. "I've looked a long time to find a candidate like that...A lot of people walk around talking about the Reagan days and the next Reagan. I was with the old Reagan and I can promise you that this man comes as close as anyone to filling those shoes." [more here]

1 comment:

collin28 said...

Interesting that Romney has brought out the negative things about Huck.

Negativity does sell.

I have a question --

I just went to Mike's website and at this time he has collected $1,116,249 in donations.

Currently at Ron Paul's site he has collected in real time $11,493,478 and what about the next BOMB tomorrow.

My question is how is Mike going to keep going with so little money?