Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Anuzis-Dingell Plan for Presidential Primaries

Check out this common sense, bi-partisan plan for future Presidential Primaries, from out of the great state of Michigan.

  • Dingell, Anuzis Propose Bi-Partisan Approach to
  • Future Presidential Primaries
  • Plan Would Give Every State a Fair Shake in Selecting Future Nominees
  • LANSING -- Michigan Democratic National Committeewoman Debbie Dingell and Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saulius “Saul” Anuzis today proposed a bi-partisan presidential primary selection plan that would solve the problems surrounding the current method used by each party to select presidential nominees.
  • The Dingell-Anuzis presidential primary selection plan is patterned after the Levin-Nelson Presidential Reform Bill in Congress. The plan would eliminate “incentives” for states to violate party rules, and would treat each state fairly with respect to selecting the order of state presidential contests. Currently, both national parties establish committees that decide the earliest date each state can hold their presidential contest to determine their nominee, while allowing select states like Iowa and New Hampshire to go earlier.
  • “A system like this would finally bring sanity to the process,” Anuzis said. “Our proposal would create a reasonable and fair solution for each state and would end the state leap-frogging that is moving the beginning of the process obscenely early.”
  • Dingell continued: “We need to end the monopoly of some states that always enjoy earlier contests while protecting every state’s right to be relevant in the process.”
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DR said...

That sounds like a brilliant idea. I am tired of the same states having all of the say. Look what it got us. I heard the Democrats took all of Michigan's delegates away. I really think that will hurt them in the general election. Thanks for posting this.