Monday, December 24, 2007

Thompson: Focus on basics

  • CEDAR RAPIDS, Dec. 20, 2007 (McClatchy-Tribune Regional News delivered by Newstex) --
    Shrugging off a late start, Fred Thompson told about 100 local Republicans who turned out on a foggy Wednesday morning that he's the best conservative choice for their party's nomination.
    "That's what this is all about -- cutting through the fog," Thompson said at the Marriott Cedar Rapids. "All that's left is for the people to cast their ballots." The actor and former U.S. senator from Tennessee touted "basic, sound conservative principles," casting himself for tax cuts and smaller federal government and against illegal immigration and abortion. [more here]

One sentence that struck out in my mind is at the very end. "I announced about the same time people traditionally announce. Everybody else announced earlier." When ya think about it, he is right. I recall when I was a kid and asked my grandpa about why they called in the '84 campaign when it was '83 he told me that in the primaries the candidates start campaigning for their parties before the general election and they would start out in about Fall.

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