Saturday, December 22, 2007

Now This Looks Like President

Ever since the begining of the campaigning I was hearing how so and so "looks presidential." Those talks were about nice, good and polished looks. I disagree with that attitude. If there is such a thing as "looks presidential," it is Fred Thompson. I have gone through much of a personal evolution in what I want to see in the next leader of the free world. I can not pin point what it is about Fred Thompson that "looks presidential." But I can tell ya one thing, in this video from September 5, when Fred Thompson announced his run for Republican nominee, he is straightforward, honest and to the point.

I have come to the Fred Thompson support rather late. I want to say that if you are confused and still haven't found someone to support it is not to late to look to Fred. If you had been supporting someone who originally said the right thing, but the more you looked into them you realized they weren't everything they seemed cracked up to be. Perhaps you have guilt feelings for all that you have done for that candidate and now you feel it is too late. It is not to late, just go forward and don't look back.


SR said...

How right you are! Looking Presidential has nothing to do with being articulate, moderate, or first in the polls. It is someone who is strong in the face of our enemies, unmoving in our founding principles,and unapologetic for protecting America's sovereignty. Fred is all of those.

Fred has an air about him that just shouts PRESIDENT. It has even been suggested that it is his destiny.

SR said...
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