Monday, December 10, 2007

Candidates Ignoring Michigan!

I am going to be completely neutral on this issue and play like an average Michigander who is not Republican leaning or Democrat leaning and just give my opinion on Michigan in the political scene. Warning; this is going to be a bit ADD style cause I am just going to type out what I think. First let's start with the the states that will be holding primaries in January.

  • The presidential nominating calendar:
  • January 3 – Iowa Caucuses (Republican & Democrat)
    January 5 – Wyoming Caucuses (Republican)
    January 8 – New Hampshire Primary (Republican & Democrat)
    January 15 – Michigan Primary (Republican)
    January 19 – South Carolina Republican Primary
    January 19 – Nevada Caucuses (Republican & Democrat)
    January 26 – South Carolina Democratic Primary
    January 29 – Florida Primary (Republican) [From CNN Political Ticker]
As many of ya know, there has been a lot of hullabaloo regarding Michigan and Florida having their primaries early. We know that all the Democrats have decided to boycott Michigan. All but Hillary Clinton won't be on the Democrat ballot, in Michigan. But now let's get to the Republican candidates. I have been looking at all of theirs websites. Besides New Hampshowa, they do mention Florida and South Carolina. Florida and South Carolina are after Michigan. Not all of them want to mention Michigan.
Before I supported Mike Huckabee I supported Mitt Romney. I saw him speak at the 2007 Michigan Republican Convention in February. I liked that he gave quite a bit of credence to Michigan. I was drawn in by his slogan of "Mitt for Michigan." At this time I was not bothered by his change on the abortion issue or that he was Mormon. After the convention I wanted to check into all the candidates, even though at the time I supported Mitt. I looked more into Mitt Romney. There was just too much baggage. He seems to flip flop on just about everything for political expedience. He seems very egotistical. I am still going to give him credit for treating Michigan with respect. He is the only candidate who seems to think that Michigan matters.
I want to share with y'all what I have been finding from some of the candidates websites that make me wonder about their thoughts on Michigan.
I checked out Fred Thompson's Early State page. Here are the early states; Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, South Carolina [source]. John McCain seems to take Michigan serious. On his website he has a page for volunteering in early states. Those early sates? Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and South Carolina [source]. Rudy Giuliani seems to be a bit more fair. He doesn't mention any state. If you can find something regarding him mentioning early states, let me know. Here is his home page. Mike Huckabee's site doesn't mention Michigan much. Mike Huckabee surpassed Mitt Romney in the Michigan polls, only by 1%, but still. I think that is pretty dang good. Considering all the campaigning the "Golden Boy has been doing up here. The only thing Mike Huckabee's blog page has to say about the upswing in Michigan is one sentence to link to the article in Rasmussen, "Huckabee Up In Michigan by Team Huckabee
The Huckabee surge spreads to Michigan." There are really great comments left on there that I will share with y'all on another post. When he came to Michigan, not including the Oct. debate, there was hardly any mention in the media. They did mention his fundraiser in itsy bitsy little Owosso. Did they mention his speaking at the Clinton County Lincoln Day Dinner? No. That is pretty sad. Clonton County borders with Ingham. Lansing is one of the cities that is located in Ingham County. In case you need help with geography, Lansing is the capitol of Michigan, not Detroit. I will forgive you if you aren't from Michigan. If you are from Michigan and don't know that that is sad. Believe it or not, there are people in this state who don't know that. Another time for that talk Ok, now to Ron Paul. When ya get onto his homepage, There is a button that says "states." When ya move your mouse over this button the states mentioned are Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina. If ya click on this button you'll come to an interactive click on map. At the very bottom of the page is where ya can click on for the Primary info. It mentions all the states, probably the most comprehensive info on what, when, where, why and how I have seen regarding the primary schedule. There is a ton of stuff regarding Mitt Romney and Michigan. I think it is awesome that on his website he has a search button. I searched for Michigan and got quite a bit of results. On Mitt's page for state headquarters is click ons for the early states. These are Michigan (Michigan is first), Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada, South Carolina. He has quite a bit of stuff going on on his Michigan page.
So, I am thinking after all this, one of two things is going on. The Republicans are either silently boycotting Michigan. Or...they are just giving Michigan over to Mitt Romney. Either way, I think I might have more respect for the Democrats for coming out and being honest. Please, don't get me wrong. I DO NOT have respect them for boycotting Michigan. I am just saying they are being honest about their thoughts. I am just curious as to why the Republicans are giving Florida credence and not Michigan, when Florida is doing the same as Michigan?

God Bless from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan!

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