Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fred Thompson - Tough on Immigration

  • Thompson Says Enforce Immigration Law

  • By AMY LORENTZEN – 1 day ago
  • CARROLL, Iowa (AP) — Republican Fred Thompson said Thursday there should be few if any exceptions when it comes to enforcing U.S. immigration laws, or the flow of illegal immigrants would continue.
  • Thompson was responding to a question from a man who told of a friend who is a chicken farmer and has to hire workers from Mexico, hoping they have legal status.
  • While the U.S. president represents that chicken farmer, Thompson said, he also represents millions of other people and future generations who want the nation's laws enforced.
  • "It is not good, in my opinion, for our country to start becoming dependent on a constant flow of illegal immigrants that are usually less educated and come here only because they'll work cheaper than somebody else will," he said. "And when and if they were to assimilate into American society, we would need another 11 or 12 million (illegal immigrants), and another 11 or 12 million after that."
  • Thompson said the legal immigration system in the U.S. has inefficiencies and people get caught up in the bureaucracy. But he said the rule of law must be the top priority.
  • "We have to look out No. 1 for what is right, what is the law. If you're coming and saying 'It's against the law, but,' I think you've got to have a very good reason, and I very seldom see a reason that justifies the 'but' if it's against the law."
  • Thompson said the U.S. is capable of making changes to immigration laws that allow employers to meet their work force demands.
  • "We can address, I think, our needs ... without succumbing to the notion that we have to have a constant flow of illegal immigrants," he said.
  • When the same man pressed Thompson further to talk about his plan for illegal immigrants already in the country, the former Tennessee senator said he believes the issue will be resolved through "enforcement by attrition."
  • Thompson proposes cutting off incentives to illegal immigrants. That means keeping employers from hiring them in the first place, and sealing the borders to keep illegal immigrants going back and forth between jobs and family. He said it also means shutting down sanctuary cities and keeping illegal immigrants from getting college and other breaks.
  • "Over a period of time, I think the situation will reverse itself," he said.

Read more, to see his views on children of illegals and extended families.

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SR said...

I am so glad Thompson does not back down when confronted about immigration. This IS the most important issue of the election for a large number of voters. What better way to deal with illegals than to enforce our current immigration laws, stop assistance (that should be going to American families in need) and employment for illegals and you will see a massive self deportation. Problem solved with very little cost to American taxpayers.