Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I had to take my cat to the vet today, so I need to keep the phone line open today. He is still at the vet's. He will stay there for a while to be looked over. The vet may need to call me, so I can't do much posting. Check out the Fred Thompson website while I am offline and check out some postings by Fred Thompson himself. These are great places to get info about Fred Thompson if you are new to learning about him.


Tommy Oliver said...

I have come across your blog in the past, and have noticed the changes in your format. I think it says a lot about your character that you have the ability to admit that your opinion changes as you learn more about each candidate. They are all strong in their own right, and to be able keep an open mind about this process shows that you are an honest person.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that you've been positive when covering my preference. :)

Tommy Oliver

destilando cafe said...

Well, if a white male reactionary is your only choice, why not go with one who might get a few votes--say Mike Huckabee. Either way, you know they won't get any support here in Flint!!! Cheers, from Mott Park.

Michigan Redneck said...

Thank you for your comment, Tommy. After having done so much blogging for and meeting Mike Huckabee twice, I am trying to stay as neutral as I can. Right now I am leaning toward Fred Thompson. I have nothing against Mike Huckabee. There are some issues I have with him. I think he is a great guy with a good heart. But at the same time I think Fred Thompson is tougher on crime and immigration.
It is rather tough to switch over like this, having followed Mike Huckabee since the begining of his campaign. A part of me feels bad for "abandoning" Mike Huckabee. It is comments like yours that help keep me going.
The Republican field does have great candidates, all in their own right. Some things from each candidate I agree with, others I don't.

destilando cafe said...

Fred will drop out after Iowa and endorse somebody else. Maybe McCain. He doesn't even have enough money to buy airtime in Iowa at this point.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were supporting Huckabee?! what happened?

Larry said...

As you might imagine, there have been "activities for the past few days. But, I went bnack tyo your "Older Posts" and left this comment about yours about moving clear of the fan.

"I'm sorry about that. But, if Thompson is eliminated first, you're more than welcome back."

BTW, whether you trust Huckabee or not, I'm the kind of conservative who left The too-liberal Republican Party and only came back for Huckabee. All of the others, I consider conservative infidels, including McCain and Thompson, whom I don't dislike. But I won't support a Republican or anyone to be the chief executive charged with protecting and defending The Constitution who doesn't UNDERSTAND The Constitution. And McCain-Feingold was a massacre of the 1st Amendment. Giuliani, obviously doesn't understand anything about America's founding principles. And, it doesn't matter what Romney thinks. It doesn't constrain him and you can't tell what it is.

I know that Thompson now says the speech restrictions of MF (good acronym!) were a mistake. He'll never catch up with Romney's "mistakes." But, when you are over thirty, in public service, and you make big mistakes about The Constitution, you've devoted yourself to something you think more important than thinking.

Anyway, I see no problems with Huckabee on crime OR immigration. I thought that thinking otherwise might be grounded in what he summarizes: "I'm conservative, but I'm not mad at anybody about it." Maybe some people should say, "I'm conservative, and I"M MAD AS HELL at a whole lot of people!" Huckabee might not be their guy.

Best to you. Hope to see you, again. Wave at Michigan for me...


Michigan Redneck said...


To answer your first and second comments. I am guessing that since you mentioned "white male" you are either for Hillary or Barack? I have no problem with a woman or a black president, just not those two. Of course I know there would be a slim chance of any Republican getting support in Flint, which is rather sad, but I degress. Despite the fact that the Democrats are boycotting our entire state I have a feeling that Flintites will either stay home on January 15 or vote for the only major Democrat that will be on the Primary ballot in Michigan, and that is Hillary. After all, John Edwards and Barack Obama wants to kowtow to the DNC and not give Michigan voters even a chance to vote for them in the primary.
As for your second comment. You being from Michigan I wonder why you are thinking Iowa is such a big deal. This is the United States of AMERICA not the United States of NEW HAMPSHOWA. I am so sick of the MSM treating Iowa and New Hampshire like they are the end all be all. You should be proud of the fact that Saul Anuzis, Michigan Republican Chairman, and Debbie Dingell, Michigan's National Democrat Chairwoman, have come up with a common sense aproach to this whole primary mess. Hopefully their plan will go into effect by the time the 2012 primaries roll around. The MSM and candidates on both sides are pissed off at our state for wanting to end the New Hampshowa-opoly that keeps the money rolling into those states, while Michigan, other states too, gets neglected.
It doesn't matter where Fred ends up in Iowa. Americans should not let Iowa dictate how they vote. The majority of Iowa Caucus voters are from the extreme wings of both parties. Extreme liberals to the left and extreme piety to the right. I say screw Iowa.
At the Mackinac Island Republican Leadership Conference Fred Thompson gave more credence to Michigan than Mike Huckabee did. His supporters were more knowledgable about him as oposed to Mike Huckabee "supporters." Instead of having people who knew anything about Mike Huckabee volunteer for him, his staff chose people who never heard of him who were recruited by Baptist pastors in the area. These were people who said "I don't know anything about Mike Huckabee. I just know he used to be a pastor and that's what I like about him."
Where was I? Why didn't I volunteer for Mike Huckabee on the island? Good question. Back when I started blogging for Mike Huckabee the campaign got in contact with me and said Michigan was going to be an important state and wanted me to be a chair person for my area, said they would send me a "Chairmans packet." Never came. I even told them about the conference and how important it was in Michigan and emailed the link to the conference about all the details, before Mike Huckabee was a confirmed speaker. After he was a confirmed speaker I got a hold of the campaign and told them I would be willing to help out on the island. Never heard from them. I guess I didn't fit their stereotype of what a good little Republican woman over the age of thirty should be. You know, has the "perfect" husband, 2.5"precious-wecious" children, a wonderful ranch house with a white picket fence, and a "soccer-mommy" SUV.
Sure I drink. Sure I smoke. Sure I am not in a "loving" relationship. But that is no reason to label me. I don't get "in trouble" when I drink. Actually, guys are more likely to get punched by me the more I've been drinking. Anyways, regardless of my personal behavior there was no reason the Huckabee campaign couldn't let me stand around passing out flyers and bumper stickers. Even Romney volunteers were smoking and drinking. Just think what if Huckabee did become President? He could take his campaign staff with him and they would be all judgemental. We don't need that in America.
About why Mike Huckabee never showed up? There was quite a few stories going around the island on that one. I attended the Mitt Romney luncheon on Saturday. Only because Mike Huckabee was scheduled to speak at the same luncheon. Saul Anuzis was the first speaker and said that Mike Huckabee called him on Wednesday to say that he would not be able to make it. Mr. Anuzis did not give a reason. The campaign talked about some mumbo jumbo about last minute details on not getting a flight to the island. If Mike Huckabee really wanted to show up his staff could have checked into flying into St. Ignace and taking the ferry over to the island or doing like Rudy Giuliani and flown into Pellston and rented a car, and hopped onto a ferry.
Boy, did I get off track on that one. Sorry to anyone who took the time to read that.
Back to you Destilando, sorry if I assumed you are a Democrat because you are from Flint. I didn't mean to sterotype like that.

Michigan Redneck said...


It's been a few things. I am not supporting Mike Huckabee, while at the same time, I am not un-supporting him.

Michigan Redneck said...


It is rather funny how this whole field of candidates is. All the supporters seem to be saying "my guys the only conservative, no my guy is, your guy is a RINO, no your guy is, etc..." The one good thing about this whole mess is that people are still looking around, finding out all the info that they can, I am not the only one out there that is switching around support. It seems that a lot of people are doing like me. Not necessarily from Huckabee to Thompson but from A to B or even A to B to C. Some are just now coming to the Fred Thompson support after supporting no one. This is another example of why I think New Hampshowa has about as much importance as a fruit fly.
Hey, I like your acronym.
When I switched over to Thompson, I said I would not diss on Huckabee and I am trying my best not to. I just want everyone to look at all the neg and pos of all the candidates. All of them have neg and pos.
It's just a matter of what weeding out what the MSM is saying is it just negativity for negativity sake. Is it negativity for info sake. And there is a bit of both going on. It's a matter of what can be overlooked and what can't. Do the positives out weigh the negative? Before I left the Huckabee support there was a bit of a playground tactics. Not from all supporters, but some. People were sticking their fingers in their ears going "la-la-la the mean old media is saying lies about Mike Huckabee, the campaign says this and that, so they are all liers." Yes, some of it was unfair critisism. Some was fair. I don't want to say too much. But as a victim of a crime, that I don't want to talk about, I find it disgusting that Mike Huckabee would put bad check writers in the same category as brutal, violent rapists. I understand that with bad check writers people make mistakes. I've been there. It is tough when you don't have money and it's between writing a bad check that you know you will cover on payday and having your lights shut off. They made a mistake and are clogging up our jail systems. As someone who is struggling to put food on the table I am sick of hearing that we need immigrants to "pluck chickens, tar roofs, make beds, and whatever else." No we need American people to get off there fat, lazy asses and fo off welfare and get a job. When I get stressed about politics I like to watch TV Land. Usually it's background noise while I do other stuff. I was watching an episode of Good Times where the dad was layed off from his job and the mom talked to a temp agency about working in a restaurant or hotel. The temp agency called and said they found a job for her. The dad was mad because he didn't want his wife to work in that low level of a job. She told him it "doesn't matter what job someone works, it's how they do the job." I agree with that.
This message isn't just aimed at Mike Huckabee, but to all candidates and pundits who say that "they are taking the jobs that Americans don't want." I swear, when I hear stupid crap like that I just want to do an Elvis impersonation and shoot my TV. It's crap like that that encourages Americans it is more honorable to sit on their butts collecting assistance than to work with their hands. I know I have talked about this before, but it bares repeating, until someone has the gull to honestly do something about it.

destilando cafe said...

I like what you said about not needing immigrants to "pluck chickens, tar roofs, make beds" because US born welfare recipients should be doing those jobs. Only you know full well, that ain't gonna happen. Take the Grand Hotel--they have to petition for visas for temporary help from Jamaica for housekeeping help every summer because they can't find Americans willing to take those jobs. There is a big cultural difference between immigrants (legal and illegal) who will do anything to find work and US born citizens who will not. It takes initiative and drive to figure out a way to cross that border and surmount the barriers to employment. These people are young, for the most part, and physically fit. Long term welfare recipients are often unhealthy, either from obesity, smoking or drugs, average IQ or below, and disorganzied. There's not much any candidate can do about that --well, maybe Huckabee can wipe out obesity!

Michigan Redneck said...

I do believe that the welfare recipients, some of them third or fourth generation recipients, need to do this on their own and the candidates can't do this for them. But it doesn't help when they say that immigrants are taking the jobs that Americans don't want. IMHO, it just gives a green light to Americans that it's ok to collect welfare. It may even encourage young adults who are from middle class families to not work hard in school and just go on welfare when they "grow up."
There was a time in this country when welfare didn't even exist. People either worked hard to buy what little clothes and food they could on a meager budget they EARNED on their own or they went hungry and homeless.
I believe you about the unhealthy part. I am not sure how much I agree with you on the IQ part. A lot of it is will power and the know how. When ya have kids in a welfare house, someone, whether it be the church, school or kind neighbor, needs to teach them how to budget money for groceries, food, rent, utilities and other nessessities. If the government is going to dole out MY TAXPAYER money to people maybe they should say that if you are going to collect moneys then you need to take church sponsored, school sponsored, communtiy ed sponsored home-ec classes. Or if worse comes to worse, the welfare department can give budgeting classes. Now I just made myself laugh. The government teaching people how to budget, ROFLMAO!
For all the dissing people give Richard Nixon, at least he had the fortitude to see what a problem this was, way back in the seventies. The unfortunate thing is, politicians are clueless as to what it is like to go grocery shopping and only put nessecities in your cart. Usually only buying store brand of the items. They don't understand what it is like to pass up "luxury" items, such as ice cream. Nor do they understand what it is like once you get in that grocery line and the person in front of you buys beer, ice cream, kid snacks with goofy names, pop, doritos, etc. with cash, check or atm card. At first this seems fine. But then ya notice that they have other items, such as nessecities, they use a WIC card or other form of government assistance to buy these items with. These items usually end up being cheaper than the things they buoght with cash. If they could afford the junk on cash, why can't they cut out the junk and buy the healthy food on cash and not take MY MONEY to buy the stuff they need?

SR said...


I love the new format, it looks great. I would just like to say I love your commitment. When you decide what is right for you, you will defend it and not turn from it in the face of other's arrogant ignorance.

I say this because those who have no tolerance of differing views, or on the other side of the pendulum, those who would allow anything no matter how violent or unhealthy are always ready to attack.

It is nice to see you have a new vigor.

Michigan Redneck said...


Thank you for your comment. I have been rather stressed out by this whole (playground tactic) mess in Iowa and I want to speak out about other things too, no matter who I upset. I will probably be posting again soon.

Just FYI to anyone who has been reading my blog regularly, Joe is home from the vet's. He came home Sat. He is very glad to be back. All he does is sits in my lap and purrs. I have to feed him special food for the rest of his life.