Saturday, February 9, 2008

That Doesn't Mean I Support John McCain...

...But I thought I would bring this news to you. Fred Thompson endorses John McCain. Here is the details in the

Fred Thompson Backs McCain

By Michael D. Shear
Fred Thompson, the one-time Republican presidential candidate, endorsed Sen. John McCain Friday, calling on the party to "close ranks" behind the presumed nominee.

"This is no longer about past preferences or differences. It is about what is best for our country and for me that means that Republican should close ranks behind John McCain," Thompson said in a statement reported by the Associated Press.

Thompson's endorsement was expected. The two men were colleagues for years in the Senate and shared what associates called a friendship. But while he was in the race, Thompson had bristled at the idea that he was going to drop out and endorse McCain.

The endorsement now may help McCain to coalesce the factions of the party around him. Thompson, who represented Tennessee in the Senate for eight years, is thought of well in the South, an area that McCain has not done well in. [source]


Hangmann747 said...

Hello My MI Sister,

Just thought you would want to know. I have joined ( This site is very new and still in the building. It was started by the TexasFredHeads (& Others). The purpose is to mobilize for conservative federalist positions. They are looking to start regional sites as well. NH is already up and started having local meetings. I'm looking to start one in MI. I could use some MI Fredheads from all over the state. Jump over, take a look, if you join send me a friend request.

As Always Thanks for Being Involved, Many Blessings, Shane

"The Hunt For Red November"

Hangmann747 said...

My MI Sister, you may want to look at this!


Find the post "Romney could be our next governor, but is he interested?"

My wife and I would like that!!!

Hangmann747, Shane

"The Hunt For Red November"

Michigan Redneck said...

Thank you for the info on both issues. I will check out the site you mentioned on your first comment. Yes I did read about the Romney for governor talk. That would be awesome.
Are you going to the state convention, next weekend?

Hangmann747 said...

My MI Sister,

I really wish I was going to be able to go to the convention. My Job is going to be taking me out of the country soon. It might be next weekend, it might not. Sitting and waiting bites sometimes, you can't plan anything.

My wife and I plan on writing both McCain and Mitt. The letter to McCain will say that we are going to support him, but only because our leader, FRED, has asked us to. As a military man I follow my leaders even when I don't like it or understand it. There is a reason why they outrank me. However, I will be telling McCain what things I like about him and what I don't. I will be telling him about my veiws on "The Doctrine of Original Intent" of our Constitution. But most importantly that both my wife and I will be on his back with letters, emails, & phone calls from all we can mobilize when He tries stuff like that amnesty bill. Be conservative and we will be your best allies.

As for Mitt we will be tell him that we thought very highly of the conservative federalist veiws he put forth in his champagn. But I am a man of action & not of words. How he governed in Mass. was not what he champagned on. If he were to try and become Govenor of MI we would support him big time. He proved to us that he is more then qualified to do that job, and this state is a whole lot more "Broken" then the US is. He will then have the time to prove his new conservative values. After that if his actions fit his words, I would champagn for him just like I did for Fred. Just some ideas I have.

As Always Thanks for Being Involved, Many Blessings, Shane

"The Hunt For Red November"