Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Am Attending the Republican State Convention

I am finally back to blogging. Thursday night was the Republican county conventions in Michigan. At the county convention it was decided who would be attending the state convention in Lansing. Three people in my county were elected to attend the convention. Yeah, my county is small. You can tell from the picture below. As an elected Precinct Delegate I knew I would be going right from the start. Now it is official. I am going.
Not only did we have a nominating convention, but State Rep Tom Casperson, stopped by to talk to our county. He is planning on running for US Congress. He talked about the economy and domestic energy plans. He has not made an official announcement, yet. But as soon as he does this blog will be endorsing him. I wish I had known that he would be there so I could have taken notes. But I did not bring my notebook and can't remember all the details. I guess it was last minute planning. He was coming back to the UP from Lansing that night and my county was where he figured he would be when the county conventions were to take place.
There was a lot of talk from everyone at the meeting about the Presidential and upcoming Congressional elections. Everyone talked about the economy in Michigan. We also talked about the future of the Republican Party, UP, statewide and nationally. Y'all know how loud mouth I am. But you would be surprised, I did not do too much talking at the meeting. Just listened mostly. They seemed more optomistic about the presidential election than I am. I did not want to sound like a pessimist at a Republican gathering.
Anyways, I should be posting more from here on to the convention, on February 15. I can't wait to go to the convention. I will be taking the Yooper bus down. Maybe I will try to take a video blog on the bus, so y'all can see how much fun it is.

left to right; front row-Mary Kay Tamlyn, John Moynahan, Don Gustafson, back row- Robert Winkelman, Sheriff Scott Strait, State Rep Tom Casperson, Kathy Wells (yours truly)

State Rep Tom Casperson talking to Sheriff Scott Strait

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