Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Michigan Redneck Now Has a Theme Song (HONESTY)

Hey y'all! Ya know that a lot of why I have been slacking in my blog postings is because I have been selling on eBay. Another reason is the political environment that has been going on in the "conservative" Republican Party. Most of my regular readers know for a 100 percent fact that I am always honest. I have been spending alot of this time, lately, reading other blogs, reading conservative websites, reading online news and listening to talk radio, hardly any cable news.
Some of what I have been finding out is disturbing me. Disturbing me to the point that if I don't let out all of what's going on in my thoughts, I will end up in a rubber room with a roommate named Britney. So, here's what's going on.
I have kept alot of stuff to myself. Stuff I have kept to myself because of "what will others think about my loyalties to the 'party'?". As I y'all know, I will be attending the Michigan Republican State Convention, this weekend. I have been keeping alot of my thoughts to myself because I didn't want to "offend" anyone before I even get to Lansing this weekend. Well, enough!! This attitude is NOT (repeat NOT) me. Never has been, never will be. I am going to be honest and bring alot of my thoughts to the forefront from here on out. I really don't give a rat's rooty tooty about who I offend.
I am not thrilled with the fact that John McCain will most likely be "our nominee." And y'all know how I now feel about Mike Huckabee. During this period of "self imposed silence" I have been checking on things such as immigration and the economy. I have also been checking on the Constitution Party. I am finding myself agreeing with most everything of what I have read on their website. This is not lock-step with being a "loyal Republican." But again, I don't care. More of what I have found there will be posted soon. Republican Party be damned. If any convention attendees have a problem with this, you can find me this weekend in Lansing. I am the obnoxious redhead who is opinionated and dressed just as loud and obnoxious. You can come up to me to tell me your thoughts. You can throw your martini in my face. I don't care.
I am getting sick of hearing that "We need to stand together as Republicans, regardless of what happens." BULLSHIT! Being a Republican means standing up for what you believe, having principles and doing what is right, and of course courage to not care if you offend anyone. Maybe I should say that is what being a conservative is.
Just a few posts ago I waxed nostalogic about Former Michigan Governor John Engler. Well one thing I did not mention is that after having done some volunteer work, I had attended a few parties and was invited to the governors innaugural ball after he won his re-election in 1994. (Didn't get to go. Blame my stoopid ex-boyfriend who is from a UAW GM liberal Democrat family, who promised me he would take me.) This was not why I got involved in politics. I got involved because I wanted to walk the talk of my oppinionated self. In fact I didn't even know that "regular Joes and Janes" such as myself could even be invited to such events. This goes back to my talking about not caring what convention attendees will think of this post. Sure it is fun to go to "exclusive" events to see, hear, be seen, be heard. Which is rather ironic, isn't it? We want to be heard, but yet we keep silent because we are afraid of who we might offend.
Many people get involved in political party politics to "move up the ranks" and end up getting a fancy title after a while. I don't give a damn about fancy titles. Maybe the only reason I would care about getting a fancy tile is so that I could affect things. But I do not just want to be crowned "something."
Now for the original reason for this post. After having read the Constitution Party website, along with other things, I really felt within me to go on YouTube and see if I could find video of the Billy Joel classic from 1978, "Honesty." I have always loved this song. It is so deep and true, dare I say "honest?". Well I found it. I have played it over and over and over and over and over again... In fact I have been replaying while I write this. While listening to the words got me to thinking. I was thinking, "This blog doesn't have a theme song." I never even thought of having a theme song for this blog. I don't think many blogs have a theme song. I recall a few years ago when Oprah played Ally McBeal's pscycologist, she told Ally to get a theme song. In fact Oprah even talked about this idea on her show. So I figure, why not have a theme song for my blog?
So after all this long rambling, here is the song that is truly in this Michigan Redneck's heart. It is my message to all conservatives and the Republican Party out there. I know this is actually a love song/break up song, but I as a single conservative Republican chick, I am a bit mixed up and confused. My "love life" is about politics. In fact I have given up on having a "love life", for the Republican Party. More on that on my Valentines Day Special (post) I am kinda like Mary Matalin, in that I only date Democrats, except they have to be better looking than James Carville ;). But seriously, if you really listen to the words in this song, you will see how each and every word fits for those who are truly conservative and are feeling the same way as me about the Republican Party, except for "your the one that I depend upon." Just listen to the passion in the words and voice of the "Piano Man" and you will see what I mean...

...Truly, honesty is a "...lonely word..." Those rare people who believe in this word are lonely. Now, which came first, the chicken or the egg...

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