Saturday, February 2, 2008

I am Still Here

I know I haven't posted in a while. Please don't give up on me or my blog. I have issues that need tending to. I am trying to find a way to pay to go to the state convention, along with other expenses. I will be selling stuff on ebay and will let my readers know as soon as I have those items up for sale. In order to sell as much stuff as possible, I need to go through my storage room. This is going to take time.
I will try to get back to posting before Super Tuesday. I plan on making In the meantime enjoy some of my daily favorite blogs and the reasons why these blogs are so great.
First is Maritime Sentry; They always have daily updates about Mitt Romney and Christian issues.
ARRA News Service; This blog always has informative Republican posts.
Hillbilly White Trash; This blog is very informative on the truth about John McCain is not a Conservative.
Sloane Reality; His blog is very informative, honest and tells his opinions.
Flopping Aces; For the same reason as ARRA News Service.
That's Saul Folks!; This is the official blog of the Michigan Republican Party.; has Michigan related posts from the right of center.


SR said...

Thank you for the mention and for your committment to the political process. Many would have become discouraged and given up by now and many more never go as far as you have. Keep fighting for what is just and right.

Hangmann747 said...

Hello My MI Sister,

I have created a new post at Blogs For Fred Thompson that is a detailed response to the “The Future of BFFT….”( post. I respectfully request that you go over and read it. I would love to get your opinion. I’m just trying to keep the ball rolling for Fred’s principles! You can find it at (

As Always Thanks so much for being involved, Blessings Shane

“The Hunt For Red November”

destilando cafe said...

Well, if John McCain is not a conservative, then he is one better--someone who will balance the budget (yeah, the last guy who did that was a neoliberal); is not a chickenhawk, not sending other people's children to war with no personal experience of what that means, not a great orator (Obama sounds great, but I can never remember what he said afterward), not obsessed with the brain-dead (Schaivo) or blastocysts to the exclusion of live people. If that's not a conservative, maybe the label has lost its meaning.