Sunday, February 17, 2008

Notes about the Michigan GOP Convention

Editors Note; I was re-reading this and found a few grammatical errors, Oopsie. I am now going to edit.

I am a bit hung over and need to get my thoughts in order. But here is a quick recap.
Took the "Carpio Express Yooper Bus" down to the Michigan Republican State Convention, in Lansing, Michigan. Stopped at Mancinos in Mackinac City for lunch. Had a roast beef sandwich and a beer. Talked, had another beer. Talked, had another beer. Talked, had another beer. This went on for a while.
Got to Lansing. Bus dropped some of us off at Red Roof Inn. There was a mix up with the reservations. Not on the part of the First District, but on the part of the hotel. Stood around a while some people ended up leaving for town, to find a room. Things got figured out. I got in my room. Didn't have much time to get ready to attend the First District Caucus.
Attended the the First District Caucus. Heard great speakers. Joel Westrom called the caucus to order. Keith Butler, Janet Huckabee, Holly Hughes, Jack Hoogendyk, Tom Casperson, (not necessarily in that order) and many others were there to speak. I am sad to announce that Rocky Raczkowski will not be running for US Senate. He will be sent on military duty. Delegates were selected, to represent the First District, at the National Convention. It was announced at the meeting that Chuck Yob, Michigan National Committeeman, would be hosting a party for all Michigan Republicans, at Rum Runners in Lansing. More on that later.
Was originally going to hang out at the Green Door in Lansing, but decided to go to the Yob party. Hey, it was free drinks! I can't even count how many whiskey sours I drank. There was a free shuttle to pick people up from the Lansing Convention and take them to Rum Runners. The Yob party was upstairs. It was freakin awesome!!! There was dueling pianos. Great music, lotsa energy. Was there from 9:30pm to 1:30am, and danced my booty off. More on that later.
Was absolutely hungry afterwards. Someone I was hanging out with went with me to Theio's restaurant in downtown Lansing. When I lived in East Lansing and went to the bars in Lansing, that was where we went out after drinking. Along with Denney's, this was another hang out for everyone to go to after the bars closed. It was funny. We were the only Republicans there. It was just young, drunk kids.
Didn't get back to my room 'til a quarter after three. Didn't wake up 'til a quarter after eight. Had to be to the convention at 9am. Didn't get there 'til 9:20am. This year's convention was better than last year. As with the Friday night caucus, great speakers, lotsa energy. Holly Hughes was re-elected as our National Committeewoman. Keith Butler was elected as our National Committeeman. Holly Hughes gave a plaque to Chuck Yob. The plaque was from the stump of the Oak tree that was from *Jackson, Michigan at the founding of the original National GOP party meeting*. Janet Huckabee spoke about Mike Huckabee. John McCain had prepared a video to be played at the convention. And of course our chairman, Saul Anuzis spoke. Oh, and of course, Newt Gingrich had prepared a video to be played at the convention. More on that later.
I had been invited to a blogger party that would have taken place after the convention. But I didn't have a ride to bring me back to the UP. So I was stuck on the bus. It was fun. There was some good conversations. There was also talk about having trying to get the state party to hold a convention in Marquette. You heard it here first!! I'll tell ya what, we may have all been Republicans, but on the First District bus, it is like a Kennedy Family Reunion.
I will have a full post on all these items later.
PS, I was recognized by Brandon Darin, a Romney worker, at Rum Runners. He said he loved my blog. So, a special message to Brandon, your awesome dude!

*A correction was made from an anonymous reader. The original statement was this; first Oak tree that was cut down to build the new Michigan GOP Headquarters.


Anonymous said...

Correction on the award Saul and the MRP gave to Chuck - the tree was from the oak tree that the GOP was founded under in Jackson, MI. Nothing to do with the new HQ...just wanted to clarify.

Michigan Redneck said...

Oh thank you anonymous. I will clarify that, on this post.