Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Michigan GOP chairman relishes the game of politics

A friend on facebook posted this article about Michigan GOP Chairman, from the freep. I thought I would post a few snippets.

  • Saul Anuzis, the effervescent chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, knows how to do modern politics.
  • He blogs, he texts, he podcasts and micro-targets. But he also knows there is a timeless and nontechnical side to politics -- fun.
  • Anuzis -- the son of Lithuanian immigrants who learned English as a second language -- never graduated from college and was a successful entrepreneur before returning to professional politics. Good humor seems to be part of his makeup.

    He is a completely partisan Republican, who grew up in a working-class family in Detroit, was a member of the Teamsters in college and assumed his political identity when he realized Ted Kennedy might win the Democratic nomination for president in 1980.

I think this is an awesome all American story. Not all Republicans come from "Old Money, daahhlings."
  • He considers himself a classic Reagan Republican, an ideological movement conservative who happens to be working in a job most often filled by a technocrat. Anuzis said last week that his most difficult moments as chairman have come not in confrontations with Democrats but with fellow Republicans.

    "A lot of people didn't like it too much when I started linking stories on my blog about Congress spending like drunken sailors," he said, "because it was our congressmen."

  • "Every day you get to get out of bed trying to figure out ways to beat Democrats," he said. "I really like that." [more here]

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